Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Miracle Does Happen in Life!!! My dental story-Part II

Hey pals, I had a tooth extraction yesterday. After 15 years of hypothesis I went for my dental treatment. It is in Dr Shweta’s Dental Clinic in Delhi, run by husband wife duo-Dr Puneet Batra, an orthodontist and Dr Shweta, a dental surgeon. You believe me, I have visited more than 7 dental clinics till now, and on the first day of visit I have seen perfection in the infrastructure. It is an ISO certified clinic. Also Dr Puneet Batra is a man of charismatic personality. You see here a combination of professionalism and care for perfection. For the first time in my life I got a computerized prescription here. (You know illegible handwriting of doctors sometimes lead to wrong medication.)

Why have I rejected the previous dentists? There are various reasons, some didn’t know the art of telling to a patient, some didn’t like to hear the patient, some are over smart and thought the patient a fool and some did it just as a profession. (Hey, the patient is me only here)

I told you in the earlier story that I have impacted canines and teeth are misaligned. I have goggled on impacted canines and read several stories. Most of them got back their impacted canines after orthodontic treatment. I have also read a lot about the stories of patients who were panic to go for a long treatment. It requires patience and will power. Even when I told to my near and dear ones about my thought for the treatment, some of them used to say, “You have passed the most important days of life with these teeth, what’s the problem now? Marry soon and feed the babes”. Sangita, the closest buddy of mine says, “Your teeth never becomes an adjective for you. No one reminds you with your teeth, beauty is only skin deep (May be she loves me too much, so she doesn’t feel it).” Sometimes she joked for my teeth--Gap-toothed women are mischievous… (Now I tell her here, see the Les Blank’s film on Gap-toothed women)

I have made up my mind; it’s still painful to think of wearing braces for one year or more. After one extraction more I have to wear the braces, then the stage of removal of my baby canines and surgical exposure of canines and so on. As the canines eruption depends on several factors-bone grafts, age and it seems like a miracle. I am hoping for the best, as miracle does happen in life!!!


mousumi said...

well done prarthana!!i agree beauty is skin deep but pls dont believe it if it is said by a gal.as rakhi sawant says what God cnt give cn b given by doctors..so cross ur fingers n wait for some happier days..all the best!!!

Ambrose said...

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