Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Painful Dental Story

Since my teenage I was conscious about my teeth misalignment, everybody laughs at my teeth misalignment and the gap in between the front teeth seems funny. One of my childhood friends always tell me your front teeth is like the two big teeth of the makhana, Tusker. Some say it is like Darsheel of Tare Jameen Par (after the film), some say it seems like the teeth of rabbit, some say humorously fill the gap with a seed of bottle gourd, etc.

I can bear it easily though sometimes I got irritated with it. There are seven siblings in our family; my mom did struggle a lot to raise us as it was difficult for her to run the family smoothly in a low pension of my father. The days have gone. My father expired. I have completed my education, no issue of teeth at any stage.

My experience with the dentist of my town

Sometimes I used to see the teeth in the mirror and imagine how I look beautiful if I haven’t the gap in between the front teeth. When I was in 12th class my second eldest sister took me to a dentist near our town. He is a distant relative of us. I went with her expecting that he could do something better. The dentist was not at clinic at that time(a typical town clinic in a congested room), so we were asked to come later. Then we met him and he told me that he would fill up the gap. The cost is 700 or something. My sister decided to come on other day. But I was reluctant not to do the treatment as I have seen the dentist as an incompetent one. He was chewing betel nut (found in Assam) and I thought that he might do something wrong to my teeth.

Days passed, I have completed my MA in English from Dibrugarh University, Assam. Always I try to forget and hide the teeth when I meet new people. Udayan Mishra Sir taught us poetry and when he read the stanzas of the Canterbury Tales of William Chaucer and when he emphasized the character of the Wife of Bath more (Chaucer describes her, “Gat-toothed was she.”) I felt depressed as she is also a woman of gap-toothed. There are several myths related to gap-toothed women. (All I don’t like to quote) Some says that gap-toothed people are lucky and they have a glorious future. (Some says gap-tooth is lucky for men only, I see here some patriarchal tone).

The truth came out--Canines are impacted

Then I came to Guwahati and stayed with cousin brother and his family. It was initially difficult to adjust with other’s home but I was bound to stay as I was penniless then. I got admitted in Cotton College EDC in the PG diploma course of Mass communication. There are other stories of survival and struggle in Guwahati. No job, no money. I did private tuition and worked in the media for a few months.

Sometimes my sister-in-law told you should get marry, and then the life will be settled. I think I need a job first, and then I will get marry. One day I came to a clinic of Guwahati. The Dentist suggested to do an x-ray, I had the x-ray and then the truth came out that my canines are impacted. I was getting scared thinking what’s the hell in my teeth? He told all the treatment cost would be 17, 000. It was a big amount for me at that time. I stopped the process here.

In Delhi

I came to Delhi for a better career, (initially for survival, now only I am in the rat race). I joined a job. Again the story of teeth came. The tension came again. I think I should do the treatment here as I will get quality treatment. I started my search for a dentist. One of my friends gave me a name of a dentist as she had her canine implant here. I came and told that I came through internet as I thought that if I will tell the name of friend she might think that I hail from a rich family like her. She was jovial, and a little bit sadist (my friend says earlier). She told me to do an x-ray at her clinic. Then immediately she planned the treatment, told that she would fill up the gap by putting braces and then put bridge. She winked at me telling that you would get confidence after beautifying your teeth. I didn’t like this (she meant something naughty). She asked for a huge amount. I was not happy about her treatment procedure, I thought what will be happened to my sleeping canine if she puts bridge.

At that time I was working in Gets Holidays and asked Samir Sir if he knows any good orthodontist in Delhi. He gave me reference of an orthodontist. I came to his clinic and after CT scan he told me that I should not go for the treatment as there is no bone support and I may lose four teeth and it is not possible in orthodontic.

Then the story of AIIMS. I had the chance to meet the head of the Orthodontist who told me about the bringing down of the canines to its position. But my name is in waiting list and it will take another few years.

My fiance came to Delhi to celebrate the New Year with me. Again the story of teeth came. He tells me, for a few months you forget about it and after few months again the same tension cripples you. He forced me to search for a good dentist. He wants good teeth of mine. As after marriage teeth matters, people used to see every part of the bride to get a point to see if there is anything wrong with the physique. I used to tell him you have to see me beautiful even in the ugliest dress.

I googled and chose again an orthodontist. We came to his private clinic in Lajpat Nagar. He gave us two options- one is natural eruption of the canines and the other is impaction surgery and then the implant of canines. I chose the second option as I am planning to getting married soon. After his treatment planning, I called him and told him I want my X-ray back. When I went for taking my x-rays, he behaved so gently and told me if I want the treatment in a low amount I can do it in a Ghaziabad hospital. Really I apologize for being doing so unethical.

But again I thought for a second option. I got an experienced dentist who has a charismatic personality and now I am going for the treatment. I will tell the story in the next blog. This is the fourth dentist in Delhi.

I question my will power, my individuality, and how this misaligned and gap-toothed make me sad. (I have impacted canines and I must go for the treatment, if I have gap-tooth only I might not go for a treatment) Sometimes I feel it is a part of me. I hope now after beautifying it I might be confident to talk face to face to in an interview, no one will put a comment on it, no one will ask if I get it genetically, etc.

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Good xperience...and it happenns to so many ppls ... for example my broken voice and bent teeth.. now a lil bit of internal bleedin in my eyes tooooooo...