Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am damn busy these days, so could not write a single word in my blog. As I have joined a secondary school I could not manage time to wander on my thoughts on dental story. Teaching requires a lot of homework besides punctuality, patience, and so on.

My second canine has also come down, now only alignment is left.

More than 3 dentists in Delhi suggested me not to undergo any treatment saying that I might lose four teeth. It becomes possible for my dentist Dr Puneet Batra only who puts strenuous efforts on it. I had passed painful moments while he applied methods to pull down my left canine. I was busy in my new job, so I got little time to think on it.

Visiting a dentist is a nuisance to some people who do not know ABC of dental health. As I live at a small town, I faced so many questions.

It is quite strenuous to travel Delhi frequently for the lower middle class people like me. Even as North east is a remote region of the country there are so many hurdles to get the train ticket. When the airfare is low I visit by air, otherwise by train.