Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do You Believe in God?

When I came back from my home with a shady heart in February, I met a Delhi University Research Scholar in my train journey. He is doing research on Arsenic Contamination in Ground Water. After friendly discussions, he asked me a traditional question, "Do you believe in God?" He carries a Bible with him and most of the times he was reading it.Most of the times in my life, I face this question. I said him, I do not believe in God, but in an invisible power. My answer is quite puzzling, in the middle juncture, a little God believer or not.

He weaved a story to convince me that God creates this world and the Almighty exists. He quoted so many lines from Bible. A line is "A woman who fears to God is to be praised." I told him that I read it several times and familiar to so many similes, images and metaphors. Even I told him that I see supreme God believers who created unlimited infidelity and crime in their life. I said him my mother believes in God and does prayer at home. We, the siblings are not like. We never go to temple, but do some traditional rituals at home yearly. Even I told him that some beliefs including God and other superstitious beliefs depend on one’s upbringing.

If anyone asks me about my religion, I find myself puzzled (from which point of view I am Hindu).I asked him (he is originally a Brahmin from UP) how his family was converted to Christian religion. He told me a funny story. His one of great grandfathers ran away from home due to ideology crisis or (may be his non-conformist nature) and converted to Christianity as missionaries were there in India at that time. As most of Indians converted to Christianity due to temporary impulse. It seems that he will make me a God believer, more a Christ believer immediately. At the same time, by uttering the presence of God, he wanted to cool down my grief. (As I lost my father just before a few days)

Now I put my answer to him." Atheism linked to intelligence""People with higher intelligence quotients are less likely to believe in God because they have questioning their minds, a new study has revealed. Researchers , led by Richard Lynn of Ulster University has found a link between intelligence and atheism –in fact, according to them, university academics are less likely to believe in God than almost anyone else. "Several Gallup poll studies of the general population have shown that those with higher IQs tend not to believe in God," the Daily Telegraph quoted Lynn as saying. (Courtesy: PTI)

I think anyone's belief in God is quite personal. Even whether God exists or not is an age-old conflict between believers and non-believers. But one should not force another to believe in God.If every boy in this world believes in this proverb of Bible (A woman who fears to God is to be praised), I am ready to be single.


mousumi said...

nice to read ur take on the question"do u believe in God".spirituality cannot b taught,cannot b imposed.i cn say he/she who got a gud heart will b praised by all..we need to do gud work n our deed will b praised by all

prarthana said...

Hi, Mousumiba,

Thanks for your comments.