Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can my Virginity Be Restored?

Though sometimes I am getting bored with daily newspaper stories, yet some news catch my attention. It may be an interview with a litterateur, stories of a sabbatical move, a solar bra, the non-conformists, Big B and Lalu’s blog, personal history of Barrack Obama, etc.

When I was going through HT City, 14 June, 08 issue, the photographs of a woman with three buds of lotus caught my attention. Mostly in other days, the front page of HT City is about Bollywood or Hollywood celebrities or perennial stories of Ash and her hubby. It is about a cosmetic surgery namely revirgination or hymenoplasty.

The twist line of the story is that ‘ A little cosmetic surgery is how young women are erasing their sexual history before marriage.”(Quote from the story)The news adds more “ Dr Devansh from Max Health Care, an expert in hymenoplasty says that the women who have approached him for the surgery do so for reasons of moral satisfaction. One of the patients who approached him asked, Can my virginity be restored?”

Now the point is who will go for a hymen restoration surgery? ----The rich, modern middle class girls or up-to-date girls who are wearing the masks of modernity, who do not believe in traditional marriage, but put their family astrologer’s mobile number in speed dial, who sacrifice aspirations for family’s sake (Does modernity means smoking, drinking, dressing freely)Hello dear my friends (girl), is it important to wear a mask of virginity while men are free from this sexual term? Why virginity for women only?

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