Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My dental story-part III

I had my baby teeth till my 28 age

At the age of 28, my two baby teeth have fallen, not naturally my dentist Dr Punnet Batra removed it.

One might ask me why I am writing my dental story or I am giving so much importance to publish it in a blog. Someone from Mumbai called me that he was so impressed reading my dental story and wanted to know more on it. Even my closest friends want to read it in my blog.

I wore the braces on 28th January. It was not painful at all. But before the braces some plastic spacers are put in between the teeth to create the space. It was a little bit allergic and painful to eat anything while I bite the foods I bite the spacer. I googled the dental stories before my dental appointment and compare each stories and experiences with mine. When I read on the stories of dental braces, most of them said that a brace wearing is painful and it takes more than one and half an hour. My dentist, Dr Puneet Batra takes hardly 30 minutes to put the braces on my teeth. I did not feel pain at all.

After wearing the braces, I first visited a pharmacy to buy some prescribed things. The pharmacist, a young guy asks me several times what I want. May be due to pronunciation problem he could not understand me. But I am sure that he smiled in a typical way to joke for my teeth. After my dental braces I met hundreds of people and everyone put a question on it, why I am wearing it so lately, why I select the green color plastic instead of white one, if I am wearing it for beauty only and so on. I have visited home and everyone asked me if I need to pull it out while brushing the teeth, some suggest me I should not meet my boyfriend or someone special with this braces, etc. I answered with a humorous tone to most of them and sometimes I got angry. Later I did avoid these questions.

Girls love to eat chestnuts and sanasur. When I was visiting in the train I have sacrificed these snacks. Still I tried to eat Sana. When you are asked not to eat something you will be more obsessive to eat it. Due to my dental braces I have to avoid so many good dishes.

I hated always the huge gap of my front teeth. The gap is slowly becomes closer and the teeth of the makhana (male elephant) seems to be changing to a good one. One of My nephews, an 8th class student only used to say me always that my teeth are moving and the gaps become smaller. He even says that I look different day by day due to the braces. He feels pain for me that I couldn’t smile in a big style and I could not be a newsreader for my gap-teeth. When he knows about my surgical exposure of canines, he called me to ask if everything was well with my teeth.

Surgical Exposure of Canines

Truly I am sacred for this part. I always visit the clinic after my office or in the morning time. It doesn’t create problem to my work. I feel pain to be alone at the time of surgery. I have seen one of my friends when she had her dental implants. And her dentist did not allow her to express her pain. She says her sadist. I took my sister with me as at the painful moment near ones always give courage and patience.

I had my surgery on March 13, 2010. It was painful a lot; I should say it is unbearable. Dr Puneet Batra said all the times in a positive way to give me courage and to divert my mind to other things. I have full faith in his competency and so I wasn’t scared about any misfortune. After surgery he said that the canines are in unusual positions and guided how I need to take care for healing. I took complete rest till next day of the surgery and I join office after one day.

The gap after the removal of baby canines seems pretty horrible!!! I hope my canines will come down. It will take time. But I don’t know how much months or years I have to wait…


Achyut Telang said...

Thanks for submitting this blogpost for the Best blog post contest- http://achyutktelang.blogspot.com/2010/03/best-blog-post-contest.html

And because it is a continuation in three parts, I will consider it. I liked this post, it had a personal touch.

All the best.

* Just a question- how do you publish your articles to the places you have mentioned? Any guidance on that for me please? :)

Anonymous said...

haha ....... liked the post.
hope it will be alright soon