Saturday, January 30, 2010

How does your site win the Race in Google?

Everyone expects that their site should get the position in the first top ten lists of Goggle. High raking of a site in Google, the King of Webs seems not quite easy as there are billions of sites. Then how you will defeat your competitors in the race? Your site will catch the eye of the search engine Google as well as other search engines when it is an optimized site. The search engine optimizer does the optimization of a site using various tactics of seo. Search Engine Optimization is a complex term and it is very dynamic. We can say that seo is both a game of fun and pain.

Some people don’t believe in seo, some sites gets traffic of visitors without optimization. There is a reason behind this. If your site has keyword rich content then it does wonder without on-site optimization. So, undoubtedly seo friendly content or keyword rich content is one of the secrets behind success of your business. If you have keyword rich quality content in your site then it draws the eyes of the search engines. (But if there is too much competition on the same subject on-site optimization is necessary.)

What is keyword friendly content? The Keywords are words or phrases that are used by the net surfers while searching something in Google or other search engines. The content which has proper density or use of keywords gets more eyes of the search engines. E.g. you run a small online business on weight loss products. Then the content of your site should have this key phrase, the content writer should use other synonymous keywords like weight loss products in India, weight loss products sales, how to loss weight, etc. Moreover, updating of contents at a regular basis gives boost to traffic of a site. The selection of title of the content, and Meta tags also do matter.

Blogging and regular comment on other blogs also drive attention to your site. You can leave the link of your site when you visit a blog of other blogger. The continuous process of blogging and commenting do a great help in generating traffic to a site. Blog with relevant contents also gets the eye of the search engine.

There are lots of seo techniques for driving traffic to a site and these can be used by a competent seo professional. Some of the seo tactics are onsite optimization using proper title, meta tags; link exchange, press release submission, open directory submission, video submission, social book marking, social networking, article submission in the article directories among others.

(I have worked in more than 3 companies till now and but after joining in Divino Indian Memoirz Tours I have met Rohit, an seo buff who like to play games with Google, he is dedicated to play the game of seo approximatley14 hours in a day. He is only conscious about his sites ranking and how he can use innovative seo tactics to win the race in Google. Slowly I have also developed a habit of learning seo as it is essential to be an expert seo content writer. Basically I am a blogger and an seo content writer. )

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